What’s a job scam? Hint: It’s not a good thing!

Have you ever had a job or internship offer that didn’t seem quite right? For example, maybe you received a job offer without an interview, or your “interview” was via text, or your interviewer refused to turn on their video. Maybe your job offer required you to share your bank account information. Or maybe the email address of your contact did not match the company’s domain name, or their address was for a home residence rather than a company. Any of these could be signs of a job scam.

Unfortunately, not all employment opportunities are legitimate. “Scammers” are individuals or groups with malicious intent who may pose as companies hiring interns and full-time employees, and they may use realistic-looking but fraudulent job postings and direct-email campaigns (“phishing”) to target students and others.

Job scams have happened for years and years, and nearly every year, they affect some Brandeis students. Scammers are very clever!

Check out CSE’s Avoiding Job Scams resource to see some of the most common signs of job scams. If you think you may be involved in a job scam, please reach out to your Career Coach or the CSE at globalcareers@brandeis.edu.

By Julie Miller
Julie Miller Director, Career Strategies Center