Feeling Zoom Fatigue? You’re Not Alone!

Zoom fatigue is a topic of conversation practically everywhere. While some of us begin easing our way back into classrooms and offices, others have a way to go. And even post-pandemic, portions of the virtual world are likely here to stay.

Stanford researchers identify four causes for ‘Zoom fatigue’ and their simple fixes is an article shared with me by someone on my MBA CSEA Global Conference Committee. It is one of the better articles I’ve read for managing Zoom fatigue, and now I’m sharing it with students and staff at Brandeis International Business School!

I encourage you to read this article and see if any of the tips may be helpful for you. Perhaps you’d benefit from using the “hide self-view” button (after you make sure you’re framed properly on the screen) or or taking an “audio only break” from time to time. A colleague of mine recently asked to turn her camera off during a meeting with close colleagues. It was a nice change of pace for her and kept her focused. Context matters – there was a reason my colleague opted to turn her video off during a meeting with trusted teammates as opposed to an external contact she didn’t know as well – but it’s nice to know there are simple tricks out there to help battle Zoom fatigue.

Keep in mind, the solutions may be different for different people as well – and that’s okay! We are all in this together and the diversity in learning and use will, in the end, give us more absolute understanding in how to use this valuable tool.


By Marcia Katz
Marcia Katz Director, Career Development and Alumni Engagement