Five Tips to Make Your Work Life “Work” for our 2021 Graduates

As you graduate, I know everyone will be giving you advice for your future endeavors. Well I am no exception! So here it is…

With tremendous pride, I know you all will be fabulously successful, because you are so well prepared. But remember to take time to relax and put fun into your week as well. And with regard to work, here are 5 essential tips that will ensure genuine success can follow. Let’s face it, if work feels like work then it will take a lot of work to keep at it!!!

So here are 5 tips to make your work life “work” and maybe even sparkle 😀

1.) Build solid relationships with your colleagues. Good relationships are essential for work-life happiness. Having someone to process a business issue with or go to lunch with rounds out the workday with comradery and a dynamic and supportive work environment. Having people around you who are willing to get into the weeds with you and help you understand and thrive, colleagues who are willing to invest in you and help set you up for success, is critically important for work-life happiness and your career success.

2.) Find mentors, either inside the workplace or outside, preferably both, who can guide you and help you advance your career. Mentors who will not only challenge but motivate you to be the best you can be, they become role models and champions of your future.

3.) Set meaningful goals for yourself to achieve. These goals will not only keep you motivated but also act as a roadmap to help you follow your interests, identify areas for your continued learning, and help guide your career growth and your successes.

4.) Celebrate your accomplishments. When you achieve a goal, remember you made it happen. It might not have happened if you hadn’t planned, acted and achieved the results. Likewise, remember to keep an accounting of your achievements. This list of successes will come in handy when you prepare for your performance reviews, update your resume and need a personal boost to recognize how much you do!

5.) Continuously seek ways to take initiative and be recognized for your accomplishments and efforts. This may fall into the category of reputation management, but it is more than just recognition. It is about becoming all you can be, and having others take notice and appreciate.

Biggest congratulations on your graduation, and remember to come back and connect – we are here for you throughout your career. Likewise, consider mentoring incoming students. They will appreciate your wise insights as you pave your path to success.

Wishing all the best best best,

Geri Brehm is the Senior Associate Director of Career Advising and Mentoring at Brandeis International Business School. 

By Geri Brehm
Geri Brehm Senior Associate Director Career Advising and Mentoring