Offer negotiation and other guidelines for full-time job search

When you start getting your first full time job offers, you might not always think about negotiating the offer(s) you received. But it is essential!

The question is how do you go about it?

There are typically two stages of receiving an offer: first you might receive a verbal offer, and then later an official written offer. And the way to respond to both are slightly different. 

The important thing with a verbal offer is that you don’t accept or decline the offer at this point. When you receive the verbal offer, you should request a written offer before truly beginning the negotiations. It is important to know when to stop the conversation and wait for a written offer, so you have all the essential information on paper to brainstorm about and negotiate with. 

Upon receiving the official written offer, you should always acknowledge to the sender that it was received. However, you still shouldn’t immediately accept or decline the offer. It’s now time to evaluate and consider what your negotiation might be – but how do you do that?  

Below is the link to a comprehensive guide from the CSE addressing offer negotiation, (as well as interviewing and other topics for your job search): 

Offer negotiation and other guidelines for graduating students :

Start at the top of the slide deck for general information, or scroll to Slide 17 (Supplemental Information/Slides) for topic-specific guidelines.  

Pro Tip: Once you have accepted an offer, you must stop pursuing any other opportunities. Stop interviewing and stop applying for other positions. This is a standard business practice in the U.S.

You can always reach out to your career coach to talk more about this. Schedule and appointment on Handshake here.

Finally, if you’re unable to attend a CSE workshop, don’t worry – check out the CSE Recorded Events Library on Handshake for recordings and materials from past CSE events. In this case, scroll down to the Career Bootcamp for Second-Year Students to find the Offer Negotiation and other guidelines for graduating students – Full Slide Deck resource mentioned above. Keep these links handy for 24/7 guidance and let’s make the offers sway your way!

This original blog post was written by Riya Mandhana MSF’22 and CSE Career Captain, in collaboration with Julie Miller, Director of Career Strategies.

By Riya Mandhana
Riya Mandhana CSE Career Captain