Interested in companies committed to diversity?

Your future employer’s commitment to diversity is very important. Companies that have a strong DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) program are in line with the current trends and evolution in our society. They are progressive, innovative, and forward-looking compared to others. During the job search, people who understand the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion should also put effort into understanding a company’s dedication on this topic. One way to understand if a company is fully committed to diversity, is by doing the following 3 steps:

  1. Search the company’s profile on LinkedIn: LinkedIn has a section that shows the people who work at that company. This section gives a visual sense of the diversity of the employees.
  2. Search on the company’s website: While on the company’s website, check their “careers page”, “Meet the staff” and “About Us” sections. These sections will give you a glimpse into what kind of programs the company has and the representation of minorities in different teams and leadership positions.
  3. Ask about it during interviews: Ask specific questions about the company’s commitment to diversity during the interview. You can ask about the percentage of employees who are diverse. And more importantly, you can ask what percentage of people in the leadership team is diverse. Job seekers should also ask what kind of resource groups and activities the company has. Having diverse employees is not enough, the company should make efforts so that everyone feels included.

Furthermore, you should check out the representation of diversity on the interview panel and the HR team. As a candidate, you should take notice on how the company made you feel during the whole interview process.

Workplace diversity is a popular topic these days, but some companies are particularly devoted to fostering, developing and supporting a diverse staff. See the Boston Globe’s Top Places to Work (2021) – Diversity Edition article, published April 26, 2021, to see what these companies are doing!  (The Globe can be accessed online via Brandeis University Library Databases – scroll to “B” for Boston Globe).

Interested in learning more about this topic? Check out this article about Why the Rise of Remote Work May Help Companies Become More Diverse — and More Inclusive and another article on Morningstar about 15 Companies Committed to Change, which show how these companies have shown strong commitment to diversity and inclusion

By Chisomo Billy
Chisomo Billy Junior Career Captain