8 Big Secrets for Using Big Interview | CSE Resource of the Month Series

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Interview Jitters? Never heard of them! Just kidding… Pre-interview nerves are totally normal, but never fear, Big Interview is here! If you have an interview coming up, set yourself up for success using Big Interview. Not sure where to start? Here are some tips and tricks on how to take advantage of this valuable resource…

1). Register for Big Interview

First thing’s first, click here to create a free account using your Brandeis email.

2). Watch the Introduction Video 

Okay okay, I know,  obviously this is the next logical step. But I also know that a lot of people are going to skip it anyway. So this is me telling you to actually watch the video (don’t worry, it’s only 3 minutes).

3). Assess Your Current Needs

“To know thyself is the beginning of Wisdom” – Socrates  Now that I’ve successfully given a few of you business students a scary flash back to High School English, it’s time to get your priorities in line. Big Interview is designed to help you, regardless of where your interview skills are at. Pick your starting place depending on where you are in your career journey. Do you have an interview next week, making you in dire need of a confidence boost, and/or a refresher on key interview skills? If the answer is yes, then the Fast Track curriculum option is your next step. If you have a little more time on your hands, and no immediate interviews on the horizon, then the Mastery Track is your next move. 

4). Level-Up

Once you get a little more comfortable with the process, the Top 10 Questions practice is super helpful for refining your responses to all those common, ever-so-exciting questions. After all, who ISN’T excited to answer: “Tell me about yourself”, I know I am! 

5). Fine Tune Your Skills: Build your perfect answer

Find out how you can use the STAR method to polish your responses! Oh, you thought you escaped the STAR method once you got your resume approved??  (By the way, if you haven’t gotten your resume approved, we have not forgotten. Hello! Stop ghosting us!)

6). Lights, Camera, Action! 

It’s go time (sort of)! Use the Mock Interview feature to record yourself answering interview questions. You can watch these interviews over by yourself, or with a coach, colleague, or peer to see what you did well, and note areas of improvement. 

7). Interview Roulette

It’s time for a challenge! Use this feature to practice thinking on your feet with random interview questions. 

8). Question Library

Once you’ve completed your initial exploration of Big Interview, don’t forget about it! Use this feature as often as you please in order to continue to build your skills. All jokes aside, interviews can be scary! That’s why the CSE strongly recommends familiarizing yourself with the process by making Big Interview your new best friend. No matter what level you’re starting at, the stakes are low and the potential for growth is extremely high! Check out Big Interview today:) August’s Resource of the Month was brought to you by CSE Career Captain and ‘21, MA’22, Stephanie Borr! Learn more about Steph here

By Stephanie Borr
Stephanie Borr CSE Career Captain, News Crew