Tech/Inno: Summer Resource Roundup for Careers in Technology and/or Innovation!

Are you interested in building a career in tech? Here are some helpful resources to guide your research! Use these to gain a better understanding of what a job in tech and innovation entails, and find out if it’s the right fit for you. 

Technology & Innovation : Resources on CSE Connect

Make sure to start with the VAULT industry guides! These guides are curated by industry professionals and outline what it’s really like to work and be employed within your industry of interest.

What you should know about Technology

“Today’s business students are more and more concerned with being change makers and this requires innovation.” – Cyrine Ben-Hafaïedh

Why Innovation Is Essential for Business Success

“Innovation is a key part of owning a successful business. It can help you: Grow your Business, Stay ahead of the Competition, and Take advantage of New Technologies.”

25 Tech Business Ideas for 2021

“In an industry defined by innovation and disruption, what constitutes a “good” tech business idea is constantly changing”. Learn about new technologies and innovation to decide where you want to be.

Hi-Tech Innovation News

Do you like reading? Do you crave articles on technology that keeps improving day by day? This link provides you with constantly updated information on the latest technology and innovations happening around the world.

Interested in Robotics?

Planning to choose a career in Robotics? Checkout this conversation between Brian Heater and a professor from UC Berkeley about some broader Robotic trends.

Planning to have a career in Tech and Innovation?

“Do, think, create, strategize. If you work in innovation, you literally do it all.” Learn about the career choices these professionals made before they landed up having a job in Tech and Innovation.

Confused about what roles to look for in Tech and Innovation?

Check out this link for a list of job roles in Tech and Innovation and what responsibilities come with these job roles. Let’s keep innovating!!

By Ruchi Shrivastava
Ruchi Shrivastava CSE Career Captain