Economics: Summer Resource Roundup for Careers in Economics!

Calling all economics connoisseurs! A background in economics prepares you for a variety of different roles and opportunities. Here are a few places to kickstart your research, use this as a starting point for finding your niche role.

Vault Guide to Economics Jobs

The Vault Guides to Jobs series provides essential information about key careers and industries, with an emphasis on preparing for a career and getting your foot in the door. Each volume is loaded with up-to-date information on industry trends, employment and earnings statistics, and what employers look for in job candidates. Vault editors have researched and analyzed information from government and industry sources, professional groups, news reports, career and job-search resources, and a variety of other sources to produce these valuable career planning resources. This makes Vault a great place to start!

Why Tech Companies Hire So Many Economists

Check out this informative article from the Harvard Business Review! Find out why Amazon, and many other tech giants, are  seeking out economists to hire, as well as five key questions that economists can help these companies answer. 

The changing map of economics

Kaushik Basu, the previous president of the International Economics Association (IEA), wrote this insightful Op-Ed on important issues being addressed by some of the world’s most influential economists. If you have a passion for problem solving on a global scale, perhaps delving into the IEA is a good place to start!

10 Great – and Very Different – Jobs for Economics Majors

Use your transferable skills to excel in one of these careers! A background in economics can set you up for success in a variety of different roles, here are a few from the muse. 

Economic Analyses of Oil Spills and Other Environmental Hazards At A Glance

Pursue your passion for social issues  with a career in Economic Consulting! This is a great publication by NERA Economic Consulting that details how they apply economic principles on behalf of clients, providing analysis, expert testimony, and regulatory insight in complex litigation, regulation, and economic consulting engagements

Careers in economics: What careers follow after an economics degree?

Are you interested in law, medicine, government, non-profits, or international relations? Find out how your degree in economics can help you jumpstart your career in any of these areas!

National Bureau of Economic Research: Career Resources

The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) has multiple opportunities for people with backgrounds in economics, depending on level of education. Check out their website and see if you are interested in the NBER!

Finally, The Brandeis NABE Chapter is a student chapter of the National Association for Business Economics (NABE). NABE is the premier professional association for business economists and others who use economics in the workplace. Learn more here

By Stephanie Borr
Stephanie Borr CSE Career Captain, News Crew