Marketing: Summer Resource Roundup for Careers in Marketing

Are you interested in marketing and eager to learn more? Here are some helpful resources to guide your research! Use these to gain a better understanding of what a job in marketing entails, and find out if it’s the right fit for you. 

Vault Guide to Marketing Jobs

The Vault Guides to Jobs series provides essential information about key careers and industries, with an emphasis on preparing for a career and getting your foot in the door. Each volume is loaded with up-to-date information on industry trends, employment and earnings statistics, and what employers look for in job candidates. Vault editors have researched and analyzed information from government and industry sources, professional groups, news reports, career and job-search resources, and a variety of other sources to produce these valuable career planning resources. This makes Vault a great place to start!

A Three-Point Agenda For Marketing Success In The Covid-19 Era

Covid-19 has changed life as we know it, and forced us all to adjust to a “new normal”. This goes for nearly all facets of life, and the business world is no exception! Check out this perspective from Forbes that emphasizes the importance of marketing during trying times, and thus the integral role that marketing teams play in the overall success of a company. 

Vault Career Guide to Market Research, Second Edition

The Vault Career Guide to Market Research, Second Edition provides an insider’s perspective on what’s happening in the industry, what it takes to break in, and how to advance your career. Whether you seek to interview people in the field or crunch numbers back at the office, this guide will help you master every step of your job search.

Ones to watch: which brands are defining mobile marketing today?

Learn something from the people who are #winning at mobile marketing! It’s no secret that even before Covid-19, the digital space has rapidly changed the way business players act. This is especially true for marketing teams everywhere. So, how have companies like Hinge and Strava gone from not existing a decade ago to thriving in a world that is becoming more dependent on digital spaces by the day? Find out in this article from!  

How marketers can tap the growing loyal audience for women’s sports

Check out this article on how an alternate business model can bolster women’s professional sports. Learn about what a “fluid fan” is, and how analyzing data can help us change narratives and promote inclusivity. Discover how a career in marketing can invigorate your passions, whatever they may be. By combining your hard and soft skills with causes that you find meaningful, perhaps working in marketing can not only help you flourish, but help others along the way. 

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Jobs

This comprehensive article from HubSpot is another informative resource! It is split into five sections: what you need to be a marketer, the marketing job market, marketing jobs and careers, how to get a marketing job, and marketing job resources. 

10 Tips to Help You Land Your First Marketing Job

Convinced marketing is your niche, but unsure of where to start? Here are some general guidelines for how you can advance your career in marketing. 

Why And How To Leverage TikTok For Influencer Marketing

What’s an “influencer”, and why do they matter? Find out how leveraging TikTok platforms can help advance marketing campaigns. Are you up to date on all of the current TikTok trends? If the answer is yes, then you are also aware of how trends cultivate a common language and understanding for an audience of millions across the globe. Understanding of current social media trends can be a major asset within your marketing repertoire. Find out more in this article from Forbes. 

By Stephanie Borr
Stephanie Borr CSE Career Captain, News Crew