Healthcare: Summer Resource Roundup for Careers in Healthcare

Considering a career in the Healthcare Industry and want to know more about potential career paths in this industry? Here is a list of resources compiled by the CSE! Use these to gain insight into what a job in Healthcare entails, and find out if this industry is the right fit for you.

Vault Pharma and Healthcare Guides 

The Vault Pharma and Healthcare Guides provide essential information about key careers in the healthcare industry, with an emphasis on preparing for a career and getting your foot in the door. Each volume is loaded with up-to-date information on healthcare industry trends, employment and earnings statistics, and what employers look for in job candidates. Vault editors have researched and analyzed information from government and industry sources, professional groups, news reports, career and job-search resources, and a variety of other sources to produce these valuable career planning resources. This makes Vault a great place to start!

O*Net: Health Care and Social Assistance

O*Net is a useful tool that provides information on job growth, education, job skills and duties, as well as work values needed for various health careers. This resource is a free online database that contains hundreds of occupational definitions to help students, job seekers, businesses and workforce development professionals to understand today’s world of work in the United States. This resource is most useful for students who are interested in understanding the overall healthcare industry, as well as what the sector is looking for in its workforce.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

The Occupational Outlook Handbook offers information on the occupations that provide the majority of jobs in the United States. Each occupational profile describes the typical duties performed by the occupation, the work environment of that occupation, the typical education and training needed to enter the occupation, the median pay for workers in the occupation, and the job outlook over the coming decade for that occupation. Since each profile is in a standard format, this makes it easy to compare occupations, and can be useful when deciding on a career path.

Healthcare Career Guide 2021: Salary and Degree Info

In this navigational guide, the article delivers a detailed overview of the healthcare sector in 2021, its various types of degrees and specializations, the financial approach toward earning the education that will best prepare students for a career in healthcare, as well as comparisons between traditional and non-traditional healthcare programs, career outlooks, and job salaries.

How Do I Get a Healthcare Job Without Experience?

A question that comes up frequently for university students transitioning into the workforce is how to get that FIRST JOB. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many students’ university experience was interrupted. Furthermore, the rapid transformation from in-person to remote work conditions prevented many students from doing internships during this time. Students are more anxious now than ever about their futures. Although there is no “one right way” to land that first healthcare job, this article summarizes some strategies and actions students can take to demonstrate strong candidacy.

2021 Global Health Care Outlook

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed enormous strain on the global healthcare sector. It has shifted the industry’s workforce, infrastructure, supply chain, as well as exposed social inequities in health and care. This article shares more insight on how the effects of COVID-19 have also been accelerating change across the ecosystem and forcing public and private health systems to adapt and innovate in an extremely short amount of time. The article also details the anticipated changes for healthcare post-pandemic. 

Healthcare Trends: Three Main Categories to Watch 2021  

This article details the healthcare trends of  2021 brought on by the new Biden administration policy, which fall into three main categories: healthcare policy, care delivery, and technology. The article predicts how this new administration will shape 2021, with key issues including the long-term effects of COVID-19, future emergency preparedness, and the outlook for the Affordable Care Act (ACA). For any students aiming to join the healthcare sector soon, this article can give students insight into how to prepare for this pivotal year by understanding critical areas to watch within these categories and how events, activities, and political appointments will affect the healthcare ecosystem.


By Joyce Huang
Joyce Huang CSE Career Captain