Real Estate: Summer Resource Roundup for Careers in Real Estate

Real Estate is one of the most interesting, underrated, and lucrative areas in business, and is something I knew nothing about before coming to Brandeis. The field is a lot of fun to study and looking into how different the real estate markets in each country function and what drives them is extremely interesting!

Use this blogpost to help fuel your interest in the Real Estate industry, and to gain some more knowledge. It will also help you learn more about some important topics, the jobs available, and resources that can help you break into the industry. There are also some classes at Brandeis that are super helpful for gaining a better understanding of Real Estate.

Career Captain YouTube Video Recommendations

These videos helped me better understand some important real estate terms and increased my interest in the field. Helpful Tip: If you watch these, you will have a head start over everyone else in your class! 

Vault Guide to Real Estate

This guide provides a detailed overview of jobs and roles in Real Estate. It also provides an overall industry outlook. Helpful for targeting job applications and assessing the market!

ONet Online 

ONet Online is another helpful resource for understanding the various roles in the Real Estate industry with a detailed list of the technical skills, soft skills, education background, and qualities needed to be successful in the space. It also includes important considerations for anyone looking to get into the industry.  Links to a few potential roles in real estate: 

Classes at Brandeis

Real Estate classes at Brandeis are a lot of fun to take and are extremely important to build a strong foundation and gain some technical skills. Some of these classes are also helpful in other fields. Helpful Tip: Use Workday to see which professors teach each class. You can reach out to them beforehand and find out more! 

  •     Real Estate Fundamentals 
  •     Real Estate Finance 
  •     Real Estate Development 
  •     International Real Estate in Emerging Markets 
  •     International Real Estate in Mature Markets 
  •     Credit Risk Analysis 


A very important resource to help find companies that operate in a particular industry. Helpful Tip: Use Hoovers to create a target list of companies you want to apply for jobs at! 

Link: Access via Brandeis Library:

Overall, have fun with Real Estate. It’s a very dynamic industry that everyone will interact with at some point in life. Even if you don’t want a career in real estate, you may invest in some or buy a house someday and all these resources will help!

By Yashi Shah
Yashi Shah CSE Career Captain