Unlock Lockin China | CSE Resource of the Month Series

Are you looking for jobs back in China while studying abroad? If you are searching for job opportunities in China, check out Lockin China! LockinChina.com is the very first platform that focuses on the development of Chinese overseas talents. It is committed to providing employment solutions and career development support for Chinese returnees and students about to return.

Ready to jump in? Here are some tips and tricks on how to best use this valuable resource:

1) Login into Lockin China

First, use this link to create/log into your account. You can change the language as well!

2) Check out jobs by industry

The main site has A LOT of information so let’s start from the very left and very top of the website. They list 10+ industries, hover your mouse over them to learn more. It also gives sub-industries that you can explore as well. Clicking on any sub-industry will take you to positions and companies in a specific industry. There is even an “urgent hires” filter for posts that are closing soon!

3) Check out jobs by cities

Top cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou are listed in the middle of the screen. If you want to see more cities, click on the “MORE CITIES” button to find more opportunities elsewhere. The webpage will jump to the same website as in the above section, where you can filter down “Position title”, “Position Classification”, and “Locations”.

4) Get your preference for events and positions

On the right side of the main website, you will find a small button with the word “Preference” on it. When you click on it, you are able to choose three sub-industry preferences, and Lockin China will recommend jobs based on your criteria. When scrolling down, you will see positions with your preference. Magic!

5) The MBTI test

You can use this link to get to the MBTI test. MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator instrument) is a questionnaire designed to help you understand your psychological type, which can be very useful. MBTI results identify valuable differences between people – differences that can be the source of misunderstanding and miscommunication (https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newCDV_51.htm). This test will determine your personality traits in 4 different aspects.

  1. How to interact with the world (extraversion vs. introversion)
  2. Ways to obtain information (sensing vs. nutrition)
  3. Ways to make decisions (thinking vs. feeling)
  4. Ways of doing things (judging vs. perceiving)

The MBTI test could help you identify characteristics and potential job roles for your best fit. Keep in mind people are successful with various personality types in each occupation. Therefore, these job roles are listed because people of a specific type would consider them more satisfactory.

6) Check out the Events hosted by various industries

Lockin China and various companies host employer events and career-related workshops to help students during the job search process. You can click on “Events” to navigate events you would like to attend. Please check the location as well since many companies moved their events to in-person locations. You can always contact individual companies to ask for virtual opportunities.

7) Lockin Event for Global Young Talents (海归全球秋招)

One new section for Lockin China is their Global Young Talents Series. You can find it on the slide shows on the first page where it says “Lockin Event for Global Young Talents (海归全球秋招)”. The first tab includes popular Fall Recruiters (秋招YYDS雇主) and Returnees Popular Employers (海归人气雇主), you can filter with company or position as well! Please also check out the second tab, which is workshops for Fall recruitment 2022 by Lockin China!

8) Download the App

You can also download Lockin China’s app here. Just like every other app, you will be able to check messages whenever you can!

If you are looking for job opportunities back in China, definitely check out Lockin China. Start today with job insights in China with Lockin China, and explore all of the other features it has to offer! I wish you all good luck in your job search process, and hope you find the most ideal job for you!

October’s Resource of the Month was brought to you by CSE Career Captain and MSBA‘22, Jerri Zhou! Learn more about Jerri here

By Jerri Zhou
Jerri Zhou Former Senior Career Captain, News Crew