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Are you finding that researching companies and keeping up with their recruitment schemes and deadlines is tedious and time-consuming? 

Use Workmaze to keep track of everything recruitment!

Workmaze consists of…

Two recruitment guides: one for Specialty Masters students and one for MBA students. The team at Workmaze researches company websites and makes telephone calls to find out information about the companies. For every company in each guide, they provide:

  • Up-to-date company contact information
  • Names of the key recruitment contacts
  • Details of the recruitment programmes, competitions and internships
  • Deadlines and methods of application
  • Details of international recruitment opportunities
  • Companies that sponsor visa applications

Here are 5 things that you could do to make the best use of this resource:

#1: Understand the resource

The first step towards making the best use of this resource is to learn its features so you don’t miss out on something that would have really helped you refine your search. So, read the blog on “How to use Recruitment Guides”.

#2: Refine your search

Workmaze gives information on so many companies, you shouldn’t get overwhelmed. Divide companies according to the employer industry and focus on the industry that attracts you the most.

#3: H-1B

If you’re an international student who wants to narrow down your search results with employers offering visa sponsorships, I recommend you explore this section of the resource.

#4: Keep a record

Once you have a list of companies you want to look out for, keep your own record in an excel sheet and update it with the information you learned from Workmaze.

Pro Tip: Add Name, LinkedIn url, and other notes of people you have networked with at those companies onto your excel sheet

#5: Stay updated

Workmaze reports are published yearly – MBA guides at the end of October and Specialty Masters guides at the end of April. Keep yourself updated with the latest guides.

Check out Workmaze today!

November’s Resource of the Month was brought to you by CSE Career Captain and MSF ‘22, Riya Mandhana! Learn more about Riya here

By Riya Mandhana
Riya Mandhana CSE Career Captain