Behind the CSE Scenes: Alumni Speaker Series Q&A

Engagement staffer AnaPaula Gomes shares inside insights about our popular Alumni Speaker Series in the following Q&A! Visit the Alumni Speaker & Panels section of CSE Connect to register for our next Alumni Speaker Series event.

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Describe Brandeis International Business School’s Alumni Speaker Series in 10 words or less.
Alumni inspire students by sharing professional background and advice!

What makes for a great alumni speaker?
A great alumni speaker is someone who has learned from his or her journey post-Brandeis and can provide valuable advice for current students. We can all plan as much as we’d like, but life is going to happen the way it wants to regardless. I always find it super interesting when alumni go through life changes that cause them to pivot and, while it may not be easy, they make the best out of the situation.

What is your top tip for students to make the most of an Alumni Speaker Series event?
My top tip for students is to really engage with the alumni. Have your video on (if the event is held on Zoom), ask questions, nod and smile to show that you are paying attention and interested in what the alumni have to say. The alumni who are a part of the series want to help students in any way they can, so it is a perfect opportunity to build a relationship with someone in your desired field!

Lastly, what are some upcoming Alumni Speaker Series events that students should check out?
We have our last Alumni Speaker Series event of the semester on November 12th with Morris Nadjar ’19, MA ‘20! He was a BA/MA and currently is a PCM Analyst at IHS Markit. I highly recommend attending this event and learning more about his background and how working closely with the CSE helped prepare Morris for his career post-graduation. Learn more and register here!

By Rachel Wasdyke
Rachel Wasdyke Director, Corporate Engagement & Strategic Communications Rachel Wasdyke