Consulting | Winter Break Resource Round-Up for Careers in Consulting

Want to utilize your “problem solving” skills and make a career out of it? Consulting can be your desired professional path and we are here to help you with it! Check out the array of resources provided for you as a business student, to navigate your way in the consulting industry.

FirstHand (Vault) Guides

Vault Career Guide to Consulting, Third Edition

This is where it can all begin! The Vault Career Guide to Consulting, Third Edition brings to you a comprehensive guide about the functioning of the industry, how to break in and advance your career path in consulting. From industry overview to resource list on how to network with people and organizations, this guide has been well-put to give you insights on how to start from scratch! 

Vault Guide to Case Interviews, Ninth Edition

Your first step to landing a job in the consulting industry is passing the case interviews. These grueling interviews test your industry-related knowledge, thinking reflexes and the ability to work well in teams with mock scenarios. The Vault Guide to Case Interviews, Ninth Edition helps with preparing for these interviews. It has key insights on what is expected out of you from recruiters, business frameworks, brain teasers and much more! The Editors have included more than 50 case samples touching eminent frameworks like Porter’s Five Forces, CAPM, the BCG Matrix, the four Ps, the four Cs, and CAGE distance. If you want a holistic approach that prepares you for challenges, hones your interview skills along with preparation for virtual application and interview processes, this is your holy grail!

Vault Guide to the Top 50 Management and Strategy Consulting Firms, 2021 Edition

Heard of the terms “big firms” and “boutique firms”? The 2021 Vault Guide to the Top 50 Consulting Firms will help you with your job search from the biggest names like McKinsey, Bain, and BCG to boutique firms in diverse fields of consulting. Rankings based on surveys of seasoned industry professionals and their insights on working in these firms. This will let you personally analyze your best-fit firms!

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Top Useful Articles:

How to Become a Management Consultant: A Roadmap [updated 2021]

“Have you picked an industry/job you want to work in?” A question that may stump many graduate students! This article includes the A-Z questions of venturing into Management Consulting and navigating your way through. Read through the interviews, tips and industry overview of venturing into the industry if you feel inclined towards it!

Career Crush: Is Consulting the Right Career For You?

A fun yet informative interview from a Management Consultant herself! Kristina Kang describes what it takes to be a consultant and her insights on doing the job. This article can bust certain myths you may have about the field and give you a practical description of what to expect when venturing into the industry. (P.S- you can follow her Career Crush too for a little more inspiration!) 

List of Management Consulting Firms to Apply to [2022]

If you have an idea about the Management Consulting industry, you can check this article out to see which firms are recommended to apply for! There are additional links which direct you to H1B sponsoring firms (for all you international students!) and a quick look at informative resources useful for you.

Additional interesting articles:

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