Healthcare | Winter Break Resource Round-Up for Careers in Healthcare

Interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare industry, but unsure where to begin? Below is a list of resources gathered by the CSE that could help you learn more about various careers in the healthcare industry and if they are meant for you!

Pharma & Healthcare Guidelines From Firsthand

Firsthand (previously known as Vault) is a great place to start when looking for potential careers. The Pharma and Healthcare Guidelines from Firsthand share information on how to begin prominent careers in the healthcare industry. This resource contains multiple volumes, each catered towards a specific career in healthcare. Each of the volumes have current information on employment qualifications, statistics, and salaries as well as healthcare industry trends. All the information given in these volumes is based on important findings from a variety of resources including government sources, industry sources, and news reports among other places. 

Healthcare Jobs for Business Degree Holders

Finding a career in the healthcare industry without any sort of medical degree may seem intimidating and limiting. Chron compiled a list of various careers in healthcare for those with any sort of business degree. Each job listed has a small description of the role and its responsibilities making it a great place to begin your search for a job in the healthcare industry!

What Is Healthcare Consulting?

Here is a great source for people interested in the healthcare industry with hopes to pursue a consulting career! The non-profit organization Addgene goes through what consulting looks like in this specific industry. It also discusses what a preferred candidate looks like as well as how to get your foot in the door to kickstart your career as a healthcare consultant.

O*Net OnLine: Health Care & Social Assistance

O*Net is a free online database full of all the information you’d want to know about your potential career – from job skills and duties to workplace values. This resource is great for students as well as employers due to the wide variety of information and definitions about each specific industry. It predicts the projected growth and projected number of job openings in each career. This resource is great for looking at specific careers.

Deloitte: Life Sciences & Healthcare Outlook

Deloitte’s Life Sciences and Healthcare Outlook goes through a wide variety of careers in healthcare. For each of the careers, they go into depth on the workplace environment, typical duties, training and education levels required, salary, and overall outlook. There is also information on pressing issues in healthcare and where this industry and its more specific careers are heading.

Healthcare Career Guide 2022: Salary & Degree Info 

The Healthcare Career Guide shows various jobs in healthcare and the degrees which go along with each. It also offers some advice in terms of the financially smart way to gain the degree or specialization needed to get your desired position. This resource allows you to compare all healthcare careers, programs, and salaries.

How Do I Get A Job In Healthcare Without Experience?

After two years spent in a pandemic with things being virtual and pushed back, it has been increasingly difficult to gain experience in all industries. Healthcare especially as it is has been particularly affected by the pandemic. This article is a helpful tool to find ways to land a job for those whose job searches have been negatively affected by the pandemic.

The Future of Health: Three Healthcare Trends for 2022

The pandemic has changed the world, and the healthcare industry is no exception. This article outlines the three biggest trends for businesses in the healthcare industry in 2022. COVID-19 has changed the way that hospitals and other health institutions function forever. Seeing where these institutions are headed is important to know if you are a good fit for this industry.

This Winter Break Resource Round-up was brought to you by CSE Career Captain, Ines Grom-Mansencal.

By Ines Grom-Mansencal
Ines Grom-Mansencal CSE Career Captain