Crisis Game on April 1 – “NABE” Your Team a Spot!

Original blog post by Ayswarya Salil MSF’22, CSE Career Captain and Spring ’22 President of the National Association of Business Economics (NABE) chapter at Brandeis.

An important aspect of being at business school is being involved; this could either be in the form of clubs, or attending events, or even working on campus. For me, the easiest way was to join a club. However, as a person with varied interests, the plethora of clubs at Brandeis caused a lot of confusion since there is only so much time that you can dedicate. In the end I chose to join the National Association of Business Economics (NABE) chapter at Brandeis.

My main attraction for joining NABE was its annual Crisis Game event (note! – you don’t need to be a member to participate). This year the game will be hosted virtually on April 1, 2022.

What is the Crisis Game?

The Crisis Game is the first inter-school event designed and organized by the Brandeis NABE Chapter, with the support of the National Association for Business Economics. It gives students an opportunity to apply their knowledge of economics, finance, and financial regulation.  Within a 4-hour time frame, teams representing the Central Bank and the Government of a simulated country will come up with a solution to rescue the economy out of an economic crisis. The teams will present their solution to our esteemed panel of judges. 

Previously, our judges included Stuart Mackintosh (Executive Director, Group of 30), Sara Johnson (Senior Research Director of Global Economics, IHS), Jeff Fuhrer (Executive Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston), and Olaf Unteroberdoesrster (Deputy Division Chief, International Monetary Fund). 

If this is of interest to you and you’d like to participate in ‘The Crisis Game’ as one of the competing teams (of 3) please sign up using this link.

By Ayswarya Salil
Ayswarya Salil CSE Career Captain