Be a Boss in Business Attire | CSE Resource of the Month Series

Original blog post by CSE Career Captain Ines Grom-Mansencal

Not sure what to wear? Whether it’s the morning of an interview, or you’re revamping your wardrobe for that new job offer, deciding what to wear can be tough. 

Don’t worry, the CSE has you covered! Check out these Business attire guides, brought to you by our Career Captain Team.

Interviews and business-related events will often give you a dress code – Business Formal or Business Casual. However, these terms can often be confusing and figuring out what to wear can be stressful. In general, Business Formal is a more strict dress code with little variation in comparison to Business Casual.  While strictness of each attire varies company to company, these guidelines remain true consistently. 

Business Casual Attire

Business casual dress, also referred to as smart casual, is a work attire that allows you to show some of your own personal style while maintaining professionalism. While this dress code is generally more lax (relaxed), graphic t-shirts, sandals, and jeans* are not appropriate. Use the links below to figure out what is!

*Some offices may consider dark or black un-ripped jeans as business casual attire – however we suggest you avoid jeans for interviews and wait to see what your coworkers are wearing before you make this assumption!

Business Formal Attire

Business Formal is a simple, complete,  and clean look. Check the guides below to learn more about all things Business Formal, from correctly fitting suits to matching your shoes to your belt.

While these guides provide a general overview of business attire, make sure to check with your future employers to confirm their dress code, or connect with your Career Coach before an interview for their recommendation.

By Ines Grom-Mansencal
Ines Grom-Mansencal CSE Career Captain