How “Community Spotlights” Can Help You Network

If you’re scrolling through a Program or Career Community page on CSE Connect and notice a section called Community Spotlights, I encourage you to stop and have a look! This hidden gem can help you connect with alumni from your degree program and/or working in industries that interest you. As we all know, networking is hugely important to your job search and professional success in the United States. Using your alumni network to its full advantage will give you a leg up as you explore career paths and apply for internships and full time roles.

Community Spotlights are organized by both degree program and by industry affiliation, so you can easily identify alumni who graduated with an MSF degree or who work in healthcare. Why does this matter? Sharing an educational background or interest may help you bond more quickly with someone. Alumni, who once stood in your shoes, can also share valuable insights on how they leveraged their coursework, CSE resources and other opportunities at Brandeis to jumpstart their careers. Not to mention, they can offer advice about breaking into their industries.

Community Spotlights are short alumni bios that link directly to B Connect, a powerful networking tool for the Brandeis community. For example, the Community Spotlights section on the Marketing Career Community page features alumni with the following job titles: CMO,  Technical Product Manager, Assistant Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Senior Advisor and more. If you are already a B Connect user, clicking on any of these individual bios will bring you directly to that person’s B Connect profile, where you can learn more about that individual’s role and experiences working in the field.

four alumni community spotlights bios

Example of Community Spotlights on the Marketing Career Community page on CSE Connect.

If you are not a member of B Connect, becoming one is easy to do. Simply sign up through the B Connect website to begin making connections, advancing your career and accessing Brandeisians-only benefits. On B Connect, alumni share background and professional information, as well as indicate ways they are willing to help other alumni and students. You are able to learn more about a person and message that person for advice, help and mentorship within the platform.

Start by exploring the Community Spotlights sections on CSE Connect that interest you. Then make sure to click on those people’s individual bios to connect directly with them on B Connect, our Brandeis-only networking platform. Happy networking!


By Rachel Wasdyke
Rachel Wasdyke Director, Corporate Engagement & Strategic Communications