Congratulations 2023 Graduates!

Balloon that says YAY

Whether you completed your degree in August of 2022, February of 2023 – or this upcoming Sunday – here at the CSE, we are incredibly proud of all of our 2023 graduates!

Since the day you started your program at Brandeis International Business School, we’ve watched you develop professionally and personally. Now it is truly an honor to watch you graduate and head out into the world as Brandeis alumni.

Remember that, even as an alumni, the CSE is (and will always be!) here for you. Please keep in touch. Let us know where you’re working. Come back and volunteer as Alumni Speaker Series guests, panel experts, mentors and mock interviewers. Attend networking events. Reach out to your Career Coach for advice. Let us continue to help you on your journey, learn from your experiences and cheer on your successes.

If you haven’t already, please fill out the 2023 Graduates Updates and Employment Form, notifying the CSE of your employment search status. And don’t forget to check out the CSE Connect Alumni page for additional information and resources.

We’re so excited for you and this next chapter in your life! Wherever it may take you, you will always have a place with the Brandeis community and the CSE.

Happy Graduation – you did it (cue wild cheering from the CSE staff)!!!

By Career Strategies and Engagement (CSE)
Career Strategies and Engagement (CSE)