Ruchi Shrivastava

Junior Career Captain

Ruchi Shrivastava

Education: Ruchi (She/Her/Hers) will graduate with her Master of Business Administration from Brandeis International Business School in December 2022. She graduated with her Bachelor of Engineering in 2015, and her Master of Management Studies in 2017 in India. During her time at Brandeis, she plans on concentrating in both Marketing and Data Analytics.

Work History: Ruchi has worked as a Project Manager with multiple digital marketing firms such as Gozoop Online and MORE Global Productions, in India. In her role as Project Manager, she refined her technical and managerial skills. At Brandeis, she is a Junior Career Captain at the Career Strategies and Engagement Center.

Extracurriculars & Hobbies: Ruchi is the Vice President of the South Asian Society where. She is looking forward to organizing cultural events for students on-campus. Other than these, she spends her time running, swimming, working out, and is looking forward to travel places in the US.

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