Chester Zikhali

CSE Career Captain

Chester Zikhali

Education: Chester Zikhali  (He/His/him) is expected to graduate with his  Master of Science  in Finance from Brandeis International Business School in February 2023. He graduated  with a Master of Commerce in Development Finance from University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business. Prior to attending University of Cape Town, Chester graduated from The National University of Science and Technology with a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree in Banking and Investment Management.

Work History: Chester  currently works part-time as a Career Captain at the Business School’s Career Strategies and Engagement Center. As part of his  role at the Career Center he assists in managing a plethora of career center resources. Prior to this Chester  worked as a private equity analyst for an international overseas offshore investment allocation firm (Riscura) based in Cape Town, South Africa. In this position he managed corporate finance valuations and due diligence for various private equity funds across Sub Saharan Africa and spearheaded high level independent research in impact investing. After graduation Chester intends to pursue a career in investment banking and equity research.

Extracurriculars & Hobbies: Outside of the classroom, Chester  is involved with a few student clubs. He enjoys the nature, which is why his  always looking for an excuse to go cycling and hiking up the mountains. His newly found passion is architectural design, particularly in the efficient use of resources to help  save our environment. 

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