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Exactly How to Respond to a Job Offer via Email (With Examples)

If that job offer you just got signals a happy end to your search, you might immediately want to text all your friends, pop the bubbly, and cue the imaginary marching band to mark the sheer magnitude of this moment. …

By Lily Zhang - The Muse
The Muse
Expert advice to answer your career questions.
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The Post-Interview Thank-You Email | Template Toolbox

If you’re on the job hunt and are wondering whether you really need to send a post-interview thank-you email, the answer is a resounding yes! Now that we got that out of the way, use these helpful tips and the …

By Alexis Perrotta - Idealist Careers
Idealist Careers
Idealist Careers | Helping you land, love, and grow in your social-impact career. And visit explore thousands of great jobs and social-impact organizations near you.
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7 Tips to the Make the Most of a (Virtual) Industry Trek

In advance of Wednesday’s Virtual Industry Trek to Wayfair, we’re resharing the blog post “7 Tips to the Make the Most of a (Virtual) Industry Trek,” originally published on CSE Connect March 30, 2021. Not registered for this trek? Sign …

By Rachel Wasdyke
Rachel Wasdyke Director, Corporate Engagement & Strategic Communications Rachel Wasdyke
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BCA’s Case Competition and How to Make the Most of it

Brandeis Consulting Association (BCA) opened applications for their Annual Case Competition. It’s time to put your business skills to the test, pitch your ideas, and make friends and have fun while you are at it! This can be the most …

By Riya Mandhana
Riya Mandhana CSE Career Captain Riya Mandhana
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6 Questions with Leadership Expert Antonie Knoppers ‘93, MA’95

Antonie Knoppers ‘93, MA’95, is a leadership and communication trainer, speaker and coach as well as the author of the book Leading with Presence: Fundamental Tools and Insights for Impactful, Engaging Leadership. We were able to connect with Antonie in …

By Rachel Wasdyke
Rachel Wasdyke Director, Corporate Engagement & Strategic Communications Rachel Wasdyke
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Want to Stand Out During Virtual Career Fairs? The CSE Has a Guide for That!

Are you attending Brandeis University’s 2021 Technology and Innovation Virtual Career Fair tomorrow? If the answer is “yes,” have you met with your Career Coach, registered for sessions and researched companies? Or do you still need to prepare and aren’t …

By Rachel Wasdyke
Rachel Wasdyke Director, Corporate Engagement & Strategic Communications Rachel Wasdyke
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How do I check my application status without being a pest?

It’s a common situation: You’ve interviewed, but days have passed since the interview and you haven’t heard anything from the company. How do you check the status of your application without being a pest?

First, let’s note that there could be …

By Julie Miller
Julie Miller Director, Career Strategies Center Julie Miller
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How to Build an Online Presence

Tips from the Careers and Engagement Office:

Set aside time each day to add to your online presence by liking, sharing, and/or commenting on a LinkedIn post that you find interesting or that you have a positive thought about. It …

By Alice Ain Rich
Alice Ain Rich Senior MBA Career Coach & Adjunct Professor Alice Ain Rich
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Inside Perspectives From Data Science at McKinsey

Brandeis International Business School’s MSBA career coach, Sonia Liang, recently had the opportunity to catch up with recent graduate Ziyu Tang ‘21. Ziyu started working as a data scientist at McKinsey earlier this year. She was awarded the Excellence and …

By Robert Banks
Robert Banks Former Career Captain Robert Banks
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So You Want a Job in Finance? Develop Your Soft Skills!

In the finance industry, “soft” skills are as important as “hard” skills and are highly sought by employers. Soft skills encompass a wide variety of personal attributes including integrity, creative thinking, positive attitude, grit, time management, empathy, curiosity and effective …

By Jennifer Voldins
Jennifer Voldins Associate Director, Career Strategies MSF Career Coach Jennifer Voldins
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