Brandeis Sponsors Boston FinTech Week: Register to Attend Career Fair, Panels and more!

Brandeis University will once again sponsor Boston FinTech Week, September 28 – October 1, 2021. Boston FinTech Week welcomes entrepreneurs, senior financial services executives, data providers, venture capitalists, academics, students, regulators and media members from all over the world to explore …

By Rachel Wasdyke
Rachel Wasdyke Director, Corporate Engagement & Strategic Communications Rachel Wasdyke
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Register for Brandeis University’s 2021 Business, Consulting & Finance Virtual Career Fair!

Brandeis University’s 2021 Business, Consulting & Finance Virtual Career Fair is next week! Register now to attend group and one-on-one sessions with top employers. Spots fill up so don’t delay. 

On September 15th, we will be hosting our annual Business, …

By Ryan Olthoff
Ryan Olthoff Assistant Director, Engagement Ryan Olthoff
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Leveling the financial playing field for Africa’s farmers

Brandeis International Business School students team with Massachusetts startup that connects lenders, small farmers in Ghana

The vast majority of farmers in sub-Saharan Africa have no access to loans, and those who do are …

By Career Strategies and Engagement (CSE)
Career Strategies and Engagement (CSE) Career Strategies and Engagement (CSE)
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Navigating the Early Recruiting Cycle for Summer 2022 Internships

Classes have just begun yet you’ve already heard the Careers Strategies and Engagement Team (CSE) mention the term “Early Recruiting” about 1000 times. So what exactly is Early Recruiting and what does it mean for you?

Early recruiting is a …

By Rachel Wasdyke
Rachel Wasdyke Director, Corporate Engagement & Strategic Communications Rachel Wasdyke
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Going from Zero to Hero – The Case Practice Edition

Hannah Davis ’20, MA’21, former Senior Career Captain and former Co-President of the Brandeis Consulting Association, shares her insights into mastering the Case Interview through Case Practices.

The CSE  has many helpful resources; however, my favorite resource is Case Practices …

By Hannah Davis
Hannah Davis Former Senior Career Captain, News Crew Hannah Davis
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Finance: Summer Resource Roundup for Careers in Finance

If you are interested in Finance and eager to learn more, we’ve got you covered! Here are some helpful resources for understanding what a career in Finance entails, and to help you decide if finance is the right fit for …

By Ayswarya Salil
Ayswarya Salil CSE Career Captain Ayswarya Salil
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8 Big Secrets for Using Big Interview | CSE Resource of the Month Series

Interview Jitters? Never heard of them! Just kidding… Pre-interview nerves are totally normal, but never fear, Big Interview is here! If you have an interview coming up, set yourself up for success using Big Interview. Not sure where to start? …

By Stephanie Borr
Stephanie Borr Junior Career Captain Stephanie Borr
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How do I check my application status without being a pest?

It’s a common situation: You’ve interviewed, but days have passed since the interview and you haven’t heard anything from the company. How do you check the status of your application without being a pest?

First, let’s note that there could be …

By Julie Miller
Julie Miller Director, Career Strategies Center Julie Miller
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What Companies Look For In A Candidate – According To Two Capital Group Recruiters

Figuring out the best strategy to land a job can be stressful. To help ease your mind and prepare you for success on the job hunt, we spoke with two senior recruiters at Capital Group to find out what they’re …

By Mahogany Aminzia - WayUp
Sign up to WayUp to personalize your job search and apply to opportunities from Fortune 500s to startups, all in one place. Let’s get you hired! Click here
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How to Build an Online Presence

Tips from the Careers and Engagement Office:

Set aside time each day to add to your online presence by liking, sharing, and/or commenting on a LinkedIn post that you find interesting or that you have a positive thought about. It …

By Alice Ain Rich
Alice Ain Rich Senior MBA Career Coach & Adjunct Professor Alice Ain Rich
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