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How to start a diversity and inclusion committee at work

A diversity and inclusion committee is an important tool that can aid and accelerate the impact of your Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging initiatives at work. Companies know that diverse teams perform better. That’s why 83% of U.S. companies say …

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How to Overcome the Fear of Entrepreneurship with Jhenai Chandler – The First-Gen Lounge Ep. 183

Did you know that most entrepreneurs are scared? They are scared of failing. They are scared of losing customers. They are scared that their friends were right — this was a ridiculous idea. And as intriguing as this may sound, some …

By The First-Gen Lounge
The first and #1 show in the world for first-generation scholars and professionals. A safe space and go-to resource for empowerment while navigating this thing called life.
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Building their network in Silicon Valley

Industry Trek offers Brandeis International Business School students prime opportunity to meet alumni at Google, Adobe and ChargePoint

By Douglas Moser

There’s no shortage of Brandeis alumni working in Silicon Valley.

That’s why Ariha Jain, MSBA’24 was so excited to …

By Career Strategies and Engagement (CSE)
Career Strategies and Engagement (CSE)
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Students flex entrepreneurial muscle at pitch competition

From FinTech in Namibia to digital solutions for Balkan clothing makers, four teams win $1,000 prizes for their early-stage ideas

By Douglas Moser

The electronic payments market in Africa is booming.

As the rise of financial technology rapidly transforms how …

By Career Strategies and Engagement (CSE)
Career Strategies and Engagement (CSE)
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Israel trip inspires students to ‘build big things and improve the world’

Hassenfeld Immersion Program takes Brandeis International Business School students on insider’s tour of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa

By Douglas Moser

Donika Sollova, MBA’24 isn’t afraid to dream big.

It’s why she left her home country of Kosovo to pursue …

By Career Strategies and Engagement (CSE)
Career Strategies and Engagement (CSE)
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Making Power Moves Q&A with Career Masterclass | Podcast Ep. 18

Join this insightful Q&A session with your host Kimberly and Career Masterclass on how to make the best power moves …

Leveraging Social Media to Reach Your Professional Goals | Young Black and Professional Podcast

This episode of the Young Black and Professional Podcast features Attorney Jessica Tehlirian, a Personal Injury Trial Lawyer in Atlanta, …

Career Insight, Advice, and Motivation for Transgender Job Seekers

In this episode of the ‘But What About Me?’ podcast, we speak with Clinical Psychologist and Diversity and Inclusion Thought …

Career Development for People of Color (It’s Just Different? Or is it?)

In this episode, Gregory Tall, a professional coach and communicator, speaks directly to people of color about what it means …

3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Grad School! | Young Black and Professional Podcast

This episode is all about grad school and what you need to succeed! Dr. Des goes into some tips on …

Where are you in your career right now? | Your Next Move Podcast

Welcome to the Your Next Move podcast! Meet your host, Kimberly Cummings, a career and leadership expert who helps women …

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