Brandeis Innovation Speaker Series - Branding for Startups

Sponsored by the Hassenfeld Family Innovation Center, a partnership of the International Business School and Office of Technology Licensing

About this event
Companies often struggle with finding the right message to engage their target audiences, making it difficult to gain traction. There is the inside-out, navel-gazing view of what the company wants to be, but with no relevance to its audience.The jargon-infused messages that go right over the heads of potential customers. The multi-point messages that barrage their audience with a multitude of messages but fail to grab their attention with the right one. Last but not least,the cure for no known disease, the incredibly different message addressing a problem that isn’t as important to your audience as it is to you.

No matter how great the product, how dynamic the creative, how efficient the channel planning or how effective the measurement and optimization, if you have the wrong value proposition your efforts will fail to meet expectations. They will be trudging in quicksand.

This workshop helps companies develop sharp, audience-centric positioning/messaging strategies that will connect and convert audience, inspire great creative and get the most of out of your channels and spend. Beyond marketing, it will also provide improved company focus – impacting things like product/feature set prioritization and speed of decision making. This is big, BIG impact.

Workshop Agenda
•What is a brand?

•Why it matters?

•6 mistakes to avoid

•6 step process to position your brand-Inventory of current messages

-Find the blue sky in your market

-Select the optimum point

-Crafting positionings that connect

-How to validate your work

-Build a messaging architecture that convert

About the Speaker

Passionate brand champion, roaring pink barbarian, motivating coach, Doug Fox is a proven brand strategist with 20+ years experience successfully building and positioning global brands and businesses. He is especially adept at developing more customer centric value propositions, enabling clients to better connect with their customers.

Doug specializes in taking really complicated offerings and simplifying them down to a very sharp point, addressing a prioritized audiences’ pains/wants/needs/desires. This helps companies connect with their audience emotionally, before converting them rationally. And enables them to get the most out of their channels, so they can penetrate the market deeply,efficiently and effectively.

Doug’s experience includes technology, CPG, health care and financial services including Bose, T2 Biosystems, Timex, Lincoln Financial, Hasbro, Eliza Corporation, Hawaiian Tropic, Joslin Diabetes Center, Gillette, SAP, Onapsis, Fidelity, Apto, Revulytics and McKinsey, among others.

Part of the Brandeis Innovation Speaker Series
In a technology driven world, the opportunity to transform your ideas into reality lies at the tip of your fingers. This summer, learn how to breathe life into your idea. From creating a network of brilliant mentors to constructing a landing page and branding your product, you will find everything you need to get started in a single place. The Brandeis Innovation Center brings to you its “Speaker Series – From idea to business”. This series of 8 weekly workshops on Wednesdays starting June 9 will transform the way you understand entrepreneurship. Whether you are an entrepreneur, aspiring to be one or simply an excited spectator, these workshops will help you organize your path, create an adaptable mindset and understand the tools at your disposal to increase your chances of success. #StartupWednesdays

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