Hitesh Sharma MSF’20

Education: Hitesh Sharma (He/Him/His) graduated in December 2020 with his Master of Science in Finance. Before that, he graduated from Goshen College with a Bachelor in Liberal Arts focusing in Accounting and Business. 

Work History: Last summer, Hitesh interned with BlackRock in their Multi Asset Strategies business focusing on customized Fixed Income and Equity portfolio strategy for Private Investors, which are BlackRock’s high net worth client base. Before joining Brandeis, Hitesh worked at Morgan Stanley in New York City in their Wealth Management Operational Risk division as an analyst. Hitesh wants to professionally work in Finance, Investment Banking and/or policy  field where he could use Finance, Economics and Public Policy together. He has keen interest in Politics as a career later in life. He joined BlackRock full-time after graduating in December. 

Extracurriculars & Hobbies: Outside of Classroom, Hitesh held a couple of leadership positions. He was an IBSSA Senator, President of the Brandeis Chapter of National Association for Business Economics, Leadership Fellow’s Diversity, Equity and Social Justice Committee lead, Admissions Ambassador, and a Career Captain. Hitesh worked as a Teaching Assistant for Undergraduate Political Economy class as well. Before that, Hitesh was a member of Asia Society Policy Institute in New York. Hitesh also led the student government and International Student Club for two years during his undergraduate career at Goshen College in Indiana. Hitesh likes to read books, write fiction, and binge on Netflix a lot.