Mduduzi Langwenya MSBA’19

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What were you doing before coming to Brandeis?

I worked as a senior consultant for International Planning & Research Corp., a technology-focused management consulting firm formerly based in Waltham. I’m originally from Swaziland, but I have lived in New England for 10 years — I love it here.

What made you want to apply to Brandeis for the MSBA program?

I learned about data analytics at the International Business School from an alum I worked with for a couple years. I knew, from off-and-on conversations that I would like the academic rigor, great professors and super helpful program advisors. But honestly, I wasn’t ready to commit two years to go back to school for the MA program with a concentration in data analytics. So, when I saw the MSBA program open with an 11-month option, I instantly knew it was what I wanted.

What were some highlights of your time here at Brandeis?

Visiting companies like Apple, Google and Adobe on the Industry Trek to San Francisco tops the list. Another highlight is the Brandeis Mentorship Program offered through the Career Strategies Center. I was paired up with a data scientist at Facebook who guided me throughout the recruiting process and gave me a tour of the Menlo Park campus. And of course, MSBA program advisor Anna Shur-Wilson — she’s so passionate about her work, and it shows in the lengths she went to guide me through classes and recruiting.

How did your Brandeis education prepare you for your current role?

I am an analytics consultant with the marketing and sales vertical at Aetna, Inc. in Woburn, Massachusetts. The job is technical, and I couldn’t do it without the data science tools and techniques I picked up throughout the MSBA program. The marketing track was also very useful with the subject matter.

What advice can you offer someone considering the MSBA program?

I would encourage them to set specific goals early and position themselves to take full advantage of the great professors and career advisors at Brandeis. There are many opportunities for students to connect the business analytics curriculum to real-world use cases, which will position them to be successful in the long term.