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Why did you choose Brandeis International Buinsess School?

I needed an academic background to supplement my career experience — I wanted to learn more about pricing, marketing strategy, business development and finance. I looked at MBA programs in the U.S. and became interested in Brandeis after I met a group of first-year MBAs who were in Israel on a Hassenfeld Overseas Immersion trip. My wife and I spent time with the students and professors who accompanied them, and the knowledge I gained was priceless.

The International Business School proactively engaged with me in scheduling Skype meetings with alumni and going the extra mile to make sure I felt confident and understood what it’s all about. And the financial package I got from Brandeis was like a miracle. I felt like they are investing in me and having confidence in me. Financing an MBA today is expensive, and their generosity enabled me not only to fulfill my aspirations but also to give back to the business school.

What were the highlights of your Brandeis experience?

I came in with an extensive marketing background, but in the MBA program, I got a taste of different fields and fell in love with strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship, and I got a better sense of what I’m good at. My summer internship in commercial marketing at Dell (which I landed with the help of a Brandeis IBS alum) was intense and challenging but also fascinating and rewarding, and it led to a full-time job offer after graduation.

“I’d rather be part of a small, tight-knit, intimate school where everybody knows everyone and where staff and faculty members’ doors are always open.”

A highlight of my Brandeis experience was helping create a business and tech-related course called Digital Fabrication and Robotics. I’m passionate about 3D printing, but unfortunately, the business school didn’t have any hands-on courses in these leading technologies. After visiting Brandeis MakerLab few times, I felt like, “Let’s do it!” I worked with the Brandeis MakerLab and my advisor, Viola Morse, to create a concept and syllabus outline for a course. Everyone was very encouraging and supportive. This new course—more of a workshop, really—is very popular among International Business School students who can now learn more about 3D printing, VR, Robotics, AI and machine learning.

What should prospective students know about the International Business School?

I think a lot of people know about Brandeis University but not enough about the International Business School. Students who look mostly at Ivy League schools are missing so many amazing opportunities. I’d rather be part of a small, tight-knit, intimate school where everybody knows everyone and where the staff’s and professors’ doors are always open. I discovered that this is an amazing atmosphere leading students to success. The business school and the university are good friends of Israel, and as an Israeli, I often feel at home here.

Work Experience
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