2021 Graduates Updates and Employment Reporting Form

Below is the link to the 2021 Graduates Employer Reporting and First Offer Form.  

The completion of this form is required for all Summer 2020, Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Graduates.

Please complete this form as soon as possible, indicating your status as one of the following:
Active Job Seeker (You have accepted a full time offer OR you are seeking a full time offer* for after graduation)
Not an Active Job Seeker (Continuing Education, Starting Business etc.)

Employment Reporting affects our ability to recruit top employers and prospective students. This information is confidential and is not traced to you as an individual, or directly to your employer. We use this information in aggregate form only, to submit class averages to various rankings media (i.e. the Princeton Review, Financial Times) and create marketing materials. This information raises our school’s profile and your professional brand in the process.

*Note: if you have indicated that you are an Active Job Seeker who has yet to accept a full-time offer, it is imperative that you return to this survey to update your responses once you accept an offer of employment. As always, we encourage you to be in touch with your Career Coach throughout your employment search process, either via email or by scheduling an appointment via Handshake.