CSE Case Practice Resources

“Across all of these interviews in all different industries, there was one thing we had in common: we all had case interviews.” – Hannah Davis ‘20, MA’21 in Going from Zero to Hero – The Case Practice Edition

Check out these resources by the CSE for practicing case interviews and competitions.

Case Interviewing 101

Created by a former Career Captain, this resource provides a brief overview of the traditional case interview structure. Check it out here.

Case Questions.com (CQ Interactive)

Case Questions Interactive provides you with the skill exercises you’ll need to perform well in interviews. It is chock full of math questions, market-sizing questions, eight case starts and twelve full cases that you can work through plus lots more information. Follow guidelines for creating a free account here.

Big Interview / BigInterview

Big Interview / BigInterview is an online system that combines training AND practice to help improve your interview technique and build your confidence. Check out instructions for creating a free account here.

Vault Guide to Case Interviews, Ninth Edition

Included in this guide are “more than 50 sample case interviews, guesstimates, brainteasers, and other consulting interview cases as well as advice on questions to ask the interviewer.” Check it out here.

Case Practice Events

Weekly Case Practice with Geri Brehm

See your CSE Newsletter for information on weekly case practices with Geri Brehm. “Once Geri broke down the interview into manageable sections, I quickly realized that my formal business studies had prepared me for case interviews throughout my career. From then on, I consistently attended every case practice session.” – Hannah Davis ‘20, MA’21 in Going from Zero to Hero – The Case Practice Edition

Other Case Practice Events

The CSE frequently has guest speakers like Marc Cosentino and Shan Hua who assist students with practicing cases for interviews and competitions.

Looking for more ways to get involved with the Brandeis Consulting Community? Check out the Brandeis Consulting Association (BCA), a student-run organization for anyone who is interested in this industry.