CSE Connect Scoop Guide

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We’re serving up an exciting new feature of CSE Connect – customized, weekly alerts featuring content geared specifically to you!

What is the CSE Connect Scoop?

Each Tuesday, current Brandeis International Business School students receive their own personalized version of “The CSE Connect Scoop” in their inbox. This email alert provides the “inside scoop” on pertinent news, events and employment opportunities, based on factors like  academic degree and career interests.

For Example: If you’re an MA student interested in consulting, we have curated alert just for you! If you’re an MBA student interested in the intersection of healthcare and technology, just say the word – we have a curated alert for you too! These alerts do not replace the Thursday CSE Newsletter, but provide an additional, individualized way to access helpful information. 

How Do I Maximize My Scoop Experience? 

Initially, your alerts will include news and events related to your academic program only. In order to receive job and internship opportunities, as well as content aligned with industry and other interests, customize your alerts now!

Questions Regarding the CSE Connect Scoop?

Email globalcareers@brandeis.edu!