CSE Reimbursement Fund FAQ and Request Form

The CSE Reimbursement Fund allows Brandeis International Business School students to request reimbursement for career-related expenses that will help further their career goals and expand their professional networks. Students are eligible to request reimbursement for up to $500 during their entire tenure as a Brandeis International Business School student. Please review all instructions and policies carefully before submitting your reimbursement request. All questions regarding the CSE Reimbursement Fund should be directed to globalcareers@brandeis.edu.

Review Frequently Asked Question Guide HERE, including:

  • What can I request reimbursement for?
  • When can I request reimbursement?
  • How do I request reimbursement?
  • What kinds of receipts do I need to include?
  • When should I expect to receive the reimbursement from the CSE?
Request Reimbursement Here