Behind the Scenes | The CSE Newsletter

The newsletter is a carefully curated collection of events, jobs, internships and programs put together for International Business School Students by the Career Strategies and Engagement Center.  Two Senior Career Captains, Kim Milando and Hannah Davis, will delve into the behind the scenes effort that goes into creating the newsletter each week. – Natalie Warila

Career Tips of the Week

This can often be the best section of the newsletter. Most of our Career Tips of the Week come from recent events where an alum, staff member, professor and even sometimes a student, has said something phenomenal that we believe will help all students. We typically aim to select the quote that has the most relevance to the current newsletter, our students’ stage in their career search, or a particularly standout event. 

Adding Events

Selecting events for the CSE Newsletter is a true art if I do say so myself (just kidding). There are a few key factors I consider when selecting events each week such as timing, event topic and cost. I want to make sure the newsletter is balanced and contains a few events that are relevant to each program at the Business School. I select events from a few different locations including the CSE’s “Virtual Panels, Fairs and More!” resource on Handshake, LinkedIn and newsletters I have signed up to receive from Fortune 500 companies. First and foremost, I highlight events organized by our office at the top of the newsletter, then as you work your way down the newsletter events are categorized by both relevance to Business School students as well as when the events will take place. The events happening soonest are always at the top of each section.

– Hannah 

Curating Jobs & Internships

There are so many incredible opportunities out there so it can be quite the challenge to narrow it down within 15 each week! That said, I always make sure to begin with the jobs that are CSE Connections. When a job or internship has the label CSE Connection it means that the CSE has a strong relationship with that employer, whether it be through an alum, a recruiter, or it could even be a posting that was specifically requested by the employer to be shown to our students. They want Brandeis! Due to the strength of those opportunities for our students, CSE Connections always get first priority on the newsletter and are posted toward the top.  A quick aside, you can also filter your job search in Handshake by the label “CSE Connection”.

Beyond that, the other jobs and internships come from a curated collection that our fellow Career Captains post each week on Handshake. There are many different sources for these postings, but basically I choose those each week that are most relevant to a majority of our student body, and vary with regard to content of job, experience level, company and location.

– Kim

The Subject Line

Oh, the subject line… How do we manage to come up with such clever phrases each week that make you practically pounce on your mousepad to see what’s inside? It is really just a free-for-all. Typically, our manager and the CSE Newsletter’s primary author, Natalie (Senior Coordinator, Career Strategies) brainstorms several catchy phrases or puns relating to the most important events, jobs, or holidays happening that week. Then, we cringe, laugh, and point out our favorites. Then, we scratch them all. At long last, Natalie reaches an aha! moment that brings us to our actual subject line for the newsletter. 

So, next time you see one of those eye-catching, punny subject lines, don’t resist the click. There’s gold – AKA personally collected content for you – inside.

By Natalie Warila
Natalie Warila Senior Assistant Director, Career Strategies