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I’m your Career Coach, Sonia Liang. As you are navigating the exciting career opportunities during and beyond graduation, we can partner together to explore options, identify resources and develop strategies to help you achieve your goals. Whether you have questions about positioning yourself in the job market, crafting a winning resume, building solid interview skills or making decisions on offers, you can always reach out to me!

Leveraging my early experience in education consulting and marketing, I transitioned into career coaching with a particular strength at helping people navigate options and best present themselves. As a former international student, I understand the struggle of communicating in a different cultural environment and now empower others with similiar experience to succeed. I’ve helped thousands of students on their career journeys over the years. I’ve also presented at national and regional conferences about the importance of supporting international students’ career development.

Here are my top four suggestions to make the most out of your time in the MSBA program:

  • Start seeing yourself as a professional, not a student
  • Engage in career activities inside and outside of the business school
  • Learn from the best, and reach out to others to build relationships
  • Know your career goals first, and then prioritize your time and energy

I also encourage you to visit the Career Communities section of this site to access more information on industries such as Business & Data Analytics, Finance, Healthcare, Marketing and Technology & Innovation.

Looking for more ways to get involved with the MSBA Community? Check out the Data Analytics Club, a student-run organization for anyone who is interested in business and data analytics.


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