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From government agencies, international organizations and market research companies  to corporations, banks and consulting firms, there are many different career paths for students interested in economics. Along with your coursework and Career Coach, the Vault Guide to Economics Jobs is an excellent resource to help determine which industries and roles are best suited for you. Below is a sample of organizations who have recently hired International Business School students for positions in economics.

Analysis Group Applied Economics Clinic Center for Global Development
Central Bank of Dominican Republic Deloitte Tax LLP Federal Reserve Bank of New York
GF Securities Huachuang Securities Co., Ltd NERA Economic Consulting
PwC Regional Economic Models Incorporated United Nations

As you start building your own company target list, be sure to also research corresponding recruiting timelines, as they may vary by industry. During the interview process for economic analysts and related positions, you can expect a mix of behavioral and technical questions. It is important that you possess quantitative skills and are able to explain your work through strong written and verbal communication. CSE Resources for interview practice include: Weekly Case Practice with Geri Brehm, CQ Interactive and BigInterview.

Looking for more ways to get involved with the Brandeis Economics Community? Check out the Brandeis NABE Chapter, a student chapter of the National Association for Business Economics (NABE), and consider pursuing NABE’s Certified Business Economist® (CBE) professional certification. 


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