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My name is Alice Ain Rich and it is my privilege to be the Senior MBA Career Coach within the CSE team and an Adjunct Professor in the MBA program. I am looking forward to meeting you and working together on you career journey. “Your success is my success!”

I am an experienced, empathetic and results-driven professional who has been fortunate to coach over 5,000 individuals and consult to over 30 organizations over a long and joyful career. I have experience across most industries, with a particular focus on the technology sector.

“People hire people, not resumes.” Your success will come from being authentic and embracing your super-powers. By creating a personal brand that communicates and represents your unique attributes, you will move forward in your career journey with energy and motivation. Technical skills matter and soft-skills matter even more. I encourage you to reach out, set up a career appointment, go to a walk-in appointment and attend every class ready to learn and grow.

I also encourage you to visit the Career Communities section of this site to access more information on industries such as Consulting, Business & Data Analytics, Finance, Marketing, Real Estate and Technology & Innovation.

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