May ’22 Grads: Important Reminder (and Memes) Before You Go!

Congratulations! You did it – and you did it well. Look how far you’ve come since your CSE Virtual Orientation. Seems like just yesterday we were reminding you to customize your LinkedIn URL on your resume, and here you are ready to launch your global career as experienced professionals. We are so proud of you!

Speaking of your CSE Orientation, which I’m sure you remember perfectly, word-for-word (just kidding!), you may recall we discussed a very important topic: Employment Reporting.

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What is employment reporting? Hint: It’s required…

All 2022 Graduates, which includes students who receive degrees in August 2021, February 2022 and May 2022, are required to complete the 2022 Graduates Updates and Employment Form, notifying the CSE of your employment search status.

Are you…

  • An Active Seeker who has accepted a Full Time Job?
  • An Active Seeker who is completing a Contract Position or Internship while searching for a Full Time Job?
  • An Active Seeker who is still actively searching for a Full Time Position OR a Contract Position?
  • Not an Active Seeker, who is postponing your job search while continuing your education , starting your own business, or for other personal or professional reasons?

Note: If at any point your employment status changes (i.e. you accept a Full Time Job or have decided to return to school) return to the form and let us know!

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Why should I do this? (Other than the fact that it’s required)

Believe it or not, reporting your employment increases the value of your own degree. This data, collected from you and your fellow classmates, enables Brandeis International Business School’s ability to recruit top employers and prospective students, as well as to contribute to national and global publications for business school rankings – all of which elevate our business school’s brand and your professional brand at the same time.

Rankings publications require a minimum percentage of responses for a school to be included in their reports, so it is important for each student to provide their data. This data is collected confidentially and reported in aggregate form, and is not tied to your personal information.


Thank you for being such a wonderful group of students! We are so honored to continue to be your Career Strategies and Engagement Center. So stop by, make an appointment with your Career Coach for old time’s sake – we remain available to you as your primary career strategy resource for as long as you will have us.

I leave you with my final reminders:

  1. Small talk is important! Seriously, it can change your life.
  2. Always, always thank and check back in with those who helped you along the way.
  3. Complete the 2022 Graduates Updates and Employment Form 🙂

This has been a difficult couple of years for all of us, but watching you grow and carry on to conquer the next stage of your journey after Brandeis has been incredibly rewarding. I can’t wait to see what you do next!

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By Natalie Warila
Natalie Warila Assistant Director, Career Strategies