Strategies for Managing Stress | Part 2

From my experience as an executive coach, I have found there are those individuals whose temperament naturally allows them to manage their stress better than others. But for the majority of us, managing stress is a learned process that needs focused attention, coaching guidance, and practice. The first step involves recognizing that you are stressed. This often helps you better confront the situation and begin to make the changes needed to interject interval renewal processes.

Below is the second of 5 basic strategies which can help you unpack and dispel excess stress and self-doubt, while building the disciplined attention to confine excessive stress and achieve maximum performance.

Strategy #2: Confront the most stressful elements for interval injection and reality checks of successes

As you are unpacking your stress and doubt, identifying each element of your stress and finding where your stress is most intense, your stress is divided into smaller components to be tackles. This process serves as a reality check. Then, by also conducting a reality check of personal and job successes, you will often begin to see a strikingly different picture, and realize that some of your stress, self-doubt and fears are actually blocking and overshadowing the true reality of the many achievements and accomplishments you have made.

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Geri Brehm, Senior Associate Director of Career Advising and Mentoring, reveals her strategies for managing stress in a 5 part blog series.

By Geri Brehm
Geri Brehm Senior Associate Director Career Advising and Mentoring Geri Brehm