The 50 Best Companies to Grow your Career, from LinkedIn

Lists and rankings of companies are ubiquitous these days. From the Fortune 500 to the Inc 5000, there are published company lists for many different types of rankings.  At the CSE we really like this brand new list from LinkedIn: Top Companies 2021: The 50 best workplaces to grow your career in the U.S. Why?  Because it ranks companies that, according to LinkedIn’s algorithms, are good for your career. Using proprietary data, LI has measured how well companies help employees build a “professional foundation that sets them up for success both at the company and beyond.”

While we believe there are many ways to build a strong professional foundation and advance one’s career, we think this list can be helpful especially for job seekers who want to gain a better understanding of the US business landscape. The list displays locations, skills and jobs for each of the top 50 employers.

Of note is that several of these companies, including Deloitte, EY, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and PwC, frequently hire Brandeis International Business School graduates. If any of these companies are of interest to you, please work with your career coach to build a plan on how best to identify and apply for opportunities there.

For anyone interested in further reading, LinkedIn explains their ranking methodology here.

By Frank Fessenden
Frank Fessenden Executive Director