Who’s Your Morrie? The Importance of Mentorship and How to Find a Good Mentor!

At the CSE, we’re constantly stressing the importance of mentorship. A good mentor can help you think strategically about your career trajectory, navigate tricky business situations and build confidence. A good mentor may also develop into a great friend and personal advocate over time.

Just look at Brandeis University alumnus Mitch Albom ’79. His relationship with sociology professor Morrie Schwartz changed his life and was the basis for his best-selling memoir, “Tuesdays with Morrie.” Mitch is the face of Brandeis University’s new “Who’s Your Morrie?” campaign to celebrate other alumni mentor stories too.

Mitch Albom discusses his mentor relationship

Mitch Albom ’79, best-selling author of “Tuesdays with Morrie,” reflects on his Brandeis mentor Morrie Schwartz.

While not all mentor relationships will revolve around such high stakes, nor result in best-selling books, the personal gains of finding a person (or people) to stand in your corner may be invaluable in other ways.

It’s never too early to start seeking out these champions. A good place to start is Brandeis University’s Rise Together Mentor Network, which is part of B Connect. International Business School students can also take part in our school’s dedicated Mentor Program Series. As you participate in academic courses, internships, field projects and events during your time at Brandeis, we encourage you to be on the lookout for professors, employers and staff members who might fill this role for you too.

Finding a mentor often starts with networking. For more advice on how to reach out to professional contacts, read Coach Alice’s “Be BOLD in Your Intention and Gentle in Your Approach When Networking” article on CSE Connect. And if you have your own Brandeis mentor story, please share it with us at globalcareers@brandeis.edu!

By Rachel Wasdyke
Rachel Wasdyke Director, Corporate Engagement & Strategic Communications Rachel Wasdyke