Letter to the MBA class of 2021 from Coach Alice

Dear Class of 2021:

We started this journey together. We came to Brandeis around the same time to start a new adventure. That first day in our classroom when I saw you together as a group, as a class, as my class – my heart was filled with anticipation and joy. The bright faces, the experiences to share from all over the world. The stories to be heard about countries I have not visited or even knew anything about. It has been a wonderful journey. Getting to know each of you as students, as members of the Brandeis family and as people has brought me a lot of satisfaction and happiness. 

Congratulations on graduating and earning your MBA and other degrees. When things got tough during the pandemic, you reached out to our community, to one another, found your inner strength and prevailed. You have not let the pandemic define you, but have chosen to find strength in times of adversity. As I have heard many others say this year – life is not fair. It is not fair that your education was interrupted in so many unexpected and trying ways. We have shared so much happiness and hardship together but, in the end, I feel pride and gratitude. I hope you feel the same.

CONGRATULATIONS to the class of 2021. Thank you for making the world a better place, for taking what you have learned and teaching others. Lead with integrity, trust before you judge and always take care of those who are still learning. Approach life with a positive outlook and kindness. Take a panoramic view and don’t miss the details. Sometimes the things we are unlikely to consider become the path that will define our lives. Share with us how you are doing with jobs and careers, become part of B Connect and fill out the employment reporting form and any surveys we send you so we can let the world see what we are doing as a business school. Finally, plan for the future and set goals, but also treasure the present. Start each day with gratitude for the smallest joys. God bless each and every one of you and please stay in touch with me, with one another and with the Brandeis family.  

My best wishes,
Coach Alice

Alice Ain Rich is Senior MBA Career Coach & Adjunct Professor at Brandeis International Business School. 

By Alice Ain Rich
Alice Ain Rich Senior MBA Career Coach & Adjunct Professor