Job Search with CSE Handshake Labels

While on the “jobs” page of Handshake, you have the ability to filter opportunities through “labels.” The Career Strategies and Engagement Center utilizes different labels to help categorize jobs and internships that we have helped source. These labels include:

CSE Connection

The CSE Connection label indicates an opportunity that the Engagement Team has directly sourced for our students. We have engaged with the company and, in many cases, helped them craft the job description. Sometimes these companies are only recruiting Brandeis students and, either way, we provide them a resume bundle once the application window closes. CSE Connection positions have the highest likelihood of success as we work directly with the organization’s hiring managers. If you see a position that has this label that interests you, discuss with your Career Coach, get your resume in on time and you will be set up for success!

CSE Early Recruiting

The CSE Early Recruiting label is used for internship opportunities that have been posted for the following summer and identified by our office as being a good fit for our incoming and first year students. For example, a management consulting summer 2023 internship would likely be posted around June of 2022 and close by September 2022 (sometimes even earlier). These kinds of “Early Recruiting” timelines are extremely common for large financial institutions and consulting firms (i.e. Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, McKinsey). Students can learn more about early recruiting opportunities by referencing the CSE Early Recruiting Guide.

CSE Posted Bundle

The CSE Posted Bundle label is used for opportunities that have been provided to us through alumni or other company contacts, who want our students to apply for a position. The opportunity is often open to other schools outside of Brandeis, but our contact at the company wants to help our students move forward in the process. We will send them all applicant resumes directly and they will do what they can to get them in the right hands at their organization. While not as effective as the CSE Connection label, this is still a strong opportunity with someone advocating for you at the organization in question.

CSE Posted

The CSE Posted label is our broadest and most commonly used label in Handshake. It indicates an opportunity that our office has identified, either through Handshake or some other job site, that we believe our students would be interested in. It has not been provided through a company contact and the hiring process is standard for all who apply. These opportunities will be less forgiving of resume mistakes, typos and mediocre cover letters; however, if one of these opportunities seems like a good fit for you, be sure to engage with your Career Coach to prepare for the application process from start to finish. This will help maximize your chances of success for the opportunity!

Using these labels in your job search can have a drastic effect on your employment outcomes. We strongly urge you to start using them if you have not been doing so already. If you have any questions about positions you see on Handshake, be sure to reach out to your Career Coach for additional information.  Your career search and preparation is a team effort and we will assist you in any way possible. Happy job hunting!